Cinq Mondes was born from a global and harmonious vision of beauty, inspired by traditional medicines and pharmacopoeias from all over the World.

Millennial traditions that we have adapted to the demands of contemporary life to invent the well-being of tomorrow.

 More than just Spas, our Spas & Wellness Retreats are places of healing and prevention. Beyond the exceptional treatments of Dermapuncture (Cinq Mondes acupuncture without needles) regenerating the body and the face up to the cellular level, we advocate the search for a new art of living combining beauty and health, well-being and letting  go.

Our three therapeutic cures (Ayurvedic, Taoist and Detox) are holistic retreats, moments of deep regeneration that extends well beyond the Spa.

A precious time where treatments, nutrition, restored sleep, Yoga and Qi Gong classes allow you to reconnect to yourself and to be reborn to the World, lightened and charged with a new energy.

Expert Rituals and gestures, textures and divine fragrances: experience the art of " Happiness Under your Skin". Welcome to the most rejuvenating of travels ...

Signature Treatments

Vital Impetus Ayurvedic Stay (over 3 or 5 days*)

Discover the beneficial effects of Ayurveda and its time-honored traditions to regain physical and mental fitness, and attain a well-balance between body and mind.

Vital Impetus Ayurvedic Stay (over 3 or 5 days*)

Detox & Firmness Stay (over 3 or 5 days*)

Wellness manifested through a relaxed and detoxified body… Experience the best manual slimming techniques and detox treatments to put a spring in your step and regain beautifully smooth, firmed skin.

Detox & Firmness Stay (over 3 or 5 days*)